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🖼️ New project and Ganyu updates

By July 25, 2021No Comments1 min read

Hye everyone!

I’m happy to announce our next project featuring Pyra from the amazing Hews! You can see the full picture here 

On the original picture she’s doing a hotdoggo on his pp on her butt cheeks, but I’m thinking in make another version where he penetrates her, as she deserves 🙂

About the (endless) Ganyu project, I’m working around the Windows build so you guys can fap with her on your good ol’ PC/notebook as well.
Also, I’ve prepared a small addition to set the game to come up on mute, so you don’t need to worry about turning the volume of your phone super quickly while playing it on public or next to your family during the dinner (you totally should show them tho!)

Oh! The Hex project still on hold, I should return to her after our Pyra project 🙂

Thanks for reading this message, you’re awesome!
much love, washa ❤️

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