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Ganyu [Live2D interactive] – Demo Release

By July 25, 2021No Comments2 min read

Hello everyone!! Here’s another really cool project that’s ready for you guys to fap 😉

I’m so happy with how this project turned out, it was meant to be just a small loop, but became a adaptbeast hahaha

NSFW version available: (new! go check it out) | Patreon (Interactive 1080p | 4k & Source files) | Gumroad

  • Have sex with Ganyu
  • Multiple ways to cuum
  • Fully voiced

Demo version (NSFWish) available: | Steam Workshop 

  • Play around in Ganyu’s body
  • Uncover her boobies
  • Play with her thighs
  • Do not touch in her horns!! >:C
  • Sneak peak her panties

This project runs on the Live2DViewerEX program, you can buy the Windows/macOS or get the Android version for free, the iOS version still on plans 🙁

Get the Demo version on the Steam Workshop or download it from the attachments (you still need to install the Live2DViwerEX on your phone tho)

If you have any issues with installing it, check their documentation or leave a comment/message and I’ll help with what I can 🙂

Project credits:

Artwork by FoxyRain
Voice by AkujiSaito

Thanks for reading this message!
much love, washa ❤️

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