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WIPs 0630 – Pyra (SFW-ish)

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Hey everyone ~

lets dive into the wips of this month! unfortunately the animation isn’t finished yet as I’m dealing with some IRL issues, so the progress is going slowly but steady.

What’s done?

  • Mostly of the overall animation is completed, it lacks a bit of polishing, specially on the first part of the animation with the hot-doggo action, there’s some weird stuff going on and I’m also not really happy with the rig on the boobie, as it feels very stiff, far from how a boobie should behave haha

What’s next?

  • I already hired a VA to dub Pyra, but I didn’t wrote her lines yet, once it’s written down, she’ll starting the sexy moaning process 🙂
  • Liquids and more liquids! This animation will feature some good amount of cuum 😉

Uh, I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, but things are going a bit out of control now, hopeful things will get aligned next month 🙂

Thanks for reading this message, you’re awesome!
much love, washa ❤️

WIPs 0531 – Pyra (Preview in the post)

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Alright, time for the first wips of our beloved Pyra and her huge ass in action!

This is more a technical wips than a actual animation per se haha as I’ve just finished the rigging and was testing how it’ll behave, and just like a good girl that Pyra is, the rig is also doing great! haha

More variations of the wips, including a vaginal and hot-dog version is available here for patrons 🙂

Hope to have more for you guys soon! <3

Ganyu – StN [Free version – Update v 1.2]

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Hey everyone!! I’m really happy to finally release the last part of this big project! 

  • Play the free online version: |
  • Android and Windows demo on Attachments

UPDATE – v 1.2

  • Bug fixes
  • Responsive layout, it’ll automatically adjust based on the aspect ration of your screen
  • There’s a known bug that once you uncover her breasts, it’ll not cover again. We’ve no idea how this bug appear and can’t figure out what’s causing it. I”ll just leave this as a “feature” 🙂

We can say this is the next level of the Sonia GO project, as now you can play with the girl’s body and finally have sex with her!

Dear washy, what’s the difference of this release from the previous one? 

This version is a standalone APP release, which means, you don’t need any third party program to run it, it’s exactly like the Sonia GO was, but bigger (minus her boobies, Sonia’s still bigger :P)

⚠️ iOS users, you might play the NSFW version connecting your Patreon account with my website and play the online version, that’s the only solution I could find to allow you guys to play it, there’s absolutely now way to create an App for iOS 🙁

[Patrons links]

[$5 Tier] Full (Windows / Android) version

[$10 Tier] Source Files (includes only Live2D and PSD files, I can’t share Unity files, sorry!)

Thanks for reading this message, you’re awesome!
Happy fapping everybody!

much love, washa ❤️

🖼️ New project and Ganyu updates

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Hye everyone!

I’m happy to announce our next project featuring Pyra from the amazing Hews! You can see the full picture here 

On the original picture she’s doing a hotdoggo on his pp on her butt cheeks, but I’m thinking in make another version where he penetrates her, as she deserves 🙂

About the (endless) Ganyu project, I’m working around the Windows build so you guys can fap with her on your good ol’ PC/notebook as well.
Also, I’ve prepared a small addition to set the game to come up on mute, so you don’t need to worry about turning the volume of your phone super quickly while playing it on public or next to your family during the dinner (you totally should show them tho!)

Oh! The Hex project still on hold, I should return to her after our Pyra project 🙂

Thanks for reading this message, you’re awesome!
much love, washa ❤️

WIPs 0308: Ganyu L2D Interactive

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Hey everyone! I’m really happy to show you a little of what I’ve been working since the last WIPs!

You can see more videos on my Twitter / Imgur  / Attached files 👇

I’ve been playing around with an wallpaper engine called Live2DViewerEX (Steam / Android) and hoo boy, this is really fun! As the whole project was produced right inside Live2D, I thought in take full advantage of this tool and explore what it’s capable to achieve and go beyond the regular “only to watch” animation.

I’ll keep some of the details for the release, but you’ll be able to play around with the SFW version where you can interact with Ganyu and also have the option to take thingies further and have sex with her 👌😏

Lastly, I’m happy to announce that this project will feature the sweet and sexy voice of a new VA named Akuji Saito!

Hope you guys are looking forward of this project, I’m super excited! hahaha

thanks for reading this message!
much love, washa ❤️

Ganyu [Live2D interactive] – Demo Release

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Hello everyone!! Here’s another really cool project that’s ready for you guys to fap 😉

I’m so happy with how this project turned out, it was meant to be just a small loop, but became a adaptbeast hahaha

NSFW version available: (new! go check it out) | Patreon (Interactive 1080p | 4k & Source files) | Gumroad

  • Have sex with Ganyu
  • Multiple ways to cuum
  • Fully voiced

Demo version (NSFWish) available: | Steam Workshop 

  • Play around in Ganyu’s body
  • Uncover her boobies
  • Play with her thighs
  • Do not touch in her horns!! >:C
  • Sneak peak her panties

This project runs on the Live2DViewerEX program, you can buy the Windows/macOS or get the Android version for free, the iOS version still on plans 🙁

Get the Demo version on the Steam Workshop or download it from the attachments (you still need to install the Live2DViwerEX on your phone tho)

If you have any issues with installing it, check their documentation or leave a comment/message and I’ll help with what I can 🙂

Project credits:

Artwork by FoxyRain
Voice by AkujiSaito

Thanks for reading this message!
much love, washa ❤️


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Here’s a lil teaser of something I’ve been working in last week for the Strawberry Jam, all the prototype is pretty much playable but with a few bugs left, all the artwork still left to do hahaha

Once it’s done I’ll post here for you guys 😉

Thanks for reading this message!
much love, washa ❤️