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WIPs 0308: Ganyu L2D Interactive

By July 25, 2021No Comments1 min read

Hey everyone! I’m really happy to show you a little of what I’ve been working since the last WIPs!

You can see more videos on my Twitter / Imgur  / Attached files 👇

I’ve been playing around with an wallpaper engine called Live2DViewerEX (Steam / Android) and hoo boy, this is really fun! As the whole project was produced right inside Live2D, I thought in take full advantage of this tool and explore what it’s capable to achieve and go beyond the regular “only to watch” animation.

I’ll keep some of the details for the release, but you’ll be able to play around with the SFW version where you can interact with Ganyu and also have the option to take thingies further and have sex with her 👌😏

Lastly, I’m happy to announce that this project will feature the sweet and sexy voice of a new VA named Akuji Saito!

Hope you guys are looking forward of this project, I’m super excited! hahaha

thanks for reading this message!
much love, washa ❤️

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