Ganyu – Skipping the nap [L2D Interactive]

Play the free version on here
(Live2DViewerEX is required, buy the Windows/macOS or get the Android version for free, the iOS version still on plans)

NSFW version
  • Have sex with Ganyu
  • Multiple ways to cuum
  • Fully voiced
Demo version (NSFWish) available: Steam Workshop
  • Play around in Ganyu’s body
  • Uncover her boobies
  • Play with her thighs
  • Do not touch in her horns!! >:C
  • Sneak peak her panties

List of commands inside the game

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You can Click the lower right button to enter edit mode, then go to little Cog icon. It’ll open the options of the model. Go and click on the Show Hit Areas to know which areas are available to click.

Demo/SFW scene

  • Tap Horns
  • Tap Face
  • Drag on her chest (the big hit area) to reveal her boobies
  • Press and drag the boobie
  • Tap Hands holding
  • Tap on the thighs
  • Press and drag over her thighs
  • Drag her piece of cloth over her groin
  • Tap on her groin to change into the sex scene (not available on the demo)

NSFW scene

  • Tap horns
  • Tap face
  • Press and drag the boobie
  • Press and drag the penis
  • Press and drag the guy’s balls
  • Tap penis to start the thrusting

During the sex

  • Tap penis
  • Tap horns

After sex

  • Tap penis to start sex again
  • Tap her belly to go back to the SFW scene

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